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Basic Crosscut Sled

Up front, this  is far from my best work. It was a project of necessity and was a case of function before beauty.

I was in the process of building a cordless drill charging and storage station (will be a future post)  and needed a crosscut sled for my old tablesaw.  Since I don’t plan to use this tablesaw for very long, I wasn’t too concerned about the appearance of the sled.  I just wanted something that worked.

I scrounged around the workshop and found an old piece of shelf board from Lowes.  It was about 1/2″ thick,wasn’t warped, and laid flat on the tablesaw.  I don’t think I measured anything other than to make sure the fence was square to the blade. I just went by what felt right or looked right.

It isn’t pretty and won’t get any awards for best design, but it works and that is about all I was looking for.

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