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Belt Grinder Video

I finally have the Belt Grinder video completed.   Video is available on YouTube

I’m still working on the complete parts lists and drawings.  The next couple of weeks I am going to be VERY busy with my day job so it may be a while before I can post the drawings and full parts list. Until then, here is a list of the major parts and where I purchased them.

Wheels, D-plate, and Platen were purchased from OregonBladeBaker on ebay

The KBAC-27D speed controller and gas spring was purchased from Amazon

I purchased the 1.5″ square x 24″ Aluminum bar and 1.5″ square x 24″ steel tube from my local metal shop.  You can also find vendors on eBay and Amazon.

I purchased the TechTop 1.5HP, 3 phase motor (BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-1.5) 56C Frame, 3600 Rpm from eBay.  There are several vendors that have these.

You can use just about any motor that is between 1 and 3HP.   Make sure you get a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) model. That way the metal particals won’t get in the motor and cause problems.
If you are going to use a 3 phase motor with a speed controller, make sure it is rated for use with a speed controller.  General purpose motors are not typically rated for use with speed controllers.

[UPDATE 19 June 2017]
I still haven’t gotten back to finishing up the drawings and plans.  At this time, I’m thinking I might put completing them on indefinite hold.
If there is enough interest, I will make time to finish the plans.  Please leave a comment letting me know you would be interested in purchasing a set of plans.
I’ll probably list them for around $8