Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is wood working your full time job?
    No.  Wood working is one of my many hobbies along with blacksmithing, electronics, hydroponic gardening, building and flying quadcopters, and several others.
    For my day job, I am a software and hardware developer.
  • How long have you been doing wood working and making YouTube videos?
    I have been doing wood working as a hobby for 8 or 9 years.  I didn’t start making YouTube videos until early 2017.
  • Do you sell the things you make?
    Occasionally, but not often.  In the rare event I make something to sell, I’ll post it here and probably mention it on one of more videos.
  • Your shop looks small.
    My shop is small. It is a one car garage and is about 14’x20′.  I have FAR TOO MANY tools and too much stuff packed into such a tiny space.
    We are currently renting but once we buy a house in a couple of years, expanding the shop is at the top of my To Do list.